How to install iconv extension without recompiling whole PHP

When we install PHP on our system, often we install extensions that are common like curl, mbstring etc. However, there are times when we are asked to install and enable one or more specific extensions when we try to install a specific software. Installing an extension over an already installed PHP often raise some obvious […]

Connect Amazon Linux Instance on EC2 using SFTP

In this article I will show you how you can connect your Amazon Linux instance using SFTP which is running on EC2 service. I am assuming that you already have an EC2 instance running on Amazon Web Service or AWS and you know what Public DNS or Public IP is. Also I assume you have […]

Comparison Between Centralized and Distributed Version Control Systems

Version Control Systems were introduces in development works long back and we are using it for a while now. Like all other development aspects we have come across many feature upgrades and modifications for Version Control Systems as well. So far there are two types of Version Control Systems we know about: Centralized Version Control […]

How to Change SEO Page Title Dynamically in WordPress

You often are in a need of displaying your Post title dynamically, i.e. the text that appears inside <title></title> tag of the head section of the page. For example the Title of the Post itself? To get this accomplished we have to write a custom function in our theme’s functions.php file and hook this function […]

How to Speed Up Your Website and Increase Traffic

What makes a website popular? Is this the content, SEO, attractive design, speed it runs at? Well, it is to be a perfect combination of all. If any of these breaks the entire chain breaks and site starts losing popularity considerably. In this article I will focus on Speed, which plays a major role in […]

Responsive Website Layout – Media Query

What is “Media Queries” Media Query is a feature of CSS3 which allows websites to adopt current screen resolution (width) and adjust itself accordingly to fit inside it. Use of Media Queries in Responsive Web Layouts According to a survey report published on, the number mobile internet users have crossed that of desktop. However, […]

What is Version Control System (VCS) – General Idea

What is Version Control System? Version Control Systems are meant for tracking and keeping a history of changes you are making in your project files over time. It ensures that all changes are being saved in a location but each such change is tied up with some sort of versioning. The magic of versioning is […]

Common mistakes in WordPress development and how to correct them

Never host a WordPress site on a non-WordPress host If you do so in many cases it has been observed that performance of such sites hardly touches their optimum level as they ideally would if hosted in proper WordPress hosts. Avoid leaving unwanted white spaces in your code This is a bad practise. It can […]