Connect Amazon Linux Instance on EC2 using SFTP

In this article I will show you how you can connect your Amazon Linux instance using SFTP which is running on EC2 service. I am assuming that you already have an EC2 instance running on Amazon Web Service or AWS and you know what Public DNS or Public IP is. Also I assume you have basic knowledge of handling FTP clients.

I am using FileZilla as the FTP client for this tutorial.

If you don’t have FileZilla installed you can download and install it from Official FileZilla Download Page.

  1. Run FileZilla
  2. Go to Edit > Settings > Connection > SFTP
  3. Click on Add Key File
  4. Browse the location where you have kept your .pem file you are using for logging in to your instance using SSH
  5. When you are prompted to “Convert” .pem file convert it to a SFTP compatible .putty file.
  6. Click on OK
  7. Open Site Manager (the left most icon on FileZilla menu bar)
  8. Put Amazon instance Public DNS or Public IP address in Host box
  9. Leave Port box empty
  10. Choose SFTP in Protocol dropdown
  11. Select “Normal” in Logon Type
  12. Type in ec2-user in User box. This is the default user for EC2 instance if you are running Amazon Linux. For Ubuntu instances, user will be ubuntu.
  13. Clear Password box
  14. Click on Connect.

That’s it!